iOS 5 Crib Sheet

by gjayakrishnan

By now all Apply fanboys should be busy upgrading or already done with the latest iOS version. And, perhaps in a hurry to catch up with the latest and take pride in passing it.

As a occasional Ars Technica visitor, I’ve gone through their review (extensive, but they are know for it). I am not into a big retweet of the same. But those who want to dive directly into the caveats, because here is where the advertising mask gets face off-ed, the list goes down:

‘Click’ as you did with your film camera

Photo Stream is a special folder as part of iCloud that makes all your photos to appear in all your iGadgets. But the biggest miss is, you can’t delete individual photos in the stream. So whenever you are ready to shoot, be the saint in you and take the perfect snap – hope so!

Wire it up for a Wireless data transfer

A long pending feature, now you can sync your iPhone and iPad with your computer without a cable. But still for an automatic sync – perhaps an annoyance – devices should be plugged into a power supply. Oxymoronic!

Before texting, know your friend’s current status

iMessage is a service to message between all iOS 5 users. But your primary address varies based on the device – email id for iPad and phone number for iPhone. So before messaging, call your friend and know what (s)he is up to. Or you can simply continue talking, provided it doesn’t save much on money or your reputation!

Your favorite locations are your new pals

GeoReminder is an excellent feature wherein you can set reminders based on a location. When you reach the spot, it will alarm you. But in order to specify a location, it should be present in your Address Book. So like contacts, make sure to add all those places you visit and to help yourself falling into worse situations – set an unlock password for your phone!

When you tweet, wish your net never fails

Twitter is integrated with Apple apps, thus making it easy to tweet contextually. But as a fail-safe mechanism, it doesn’t have a Drafts feature. Trivial. But good luck when you hit the Send button!

In spite of the above, there are tons of features that proves its worth. So enjoy patching up with the new version.

Now I am turning the tables to give a short hint for mobile web developers.

The much-awaited overflow:scroll feature for making sub sections scrollable is available now (seems it’s still quirky). Also added are position:fixed, new HTML 5 Input field types (date, time, datetime, month and range), Web Workers API, changes in gesture events, etc. But still a few crib remains.

For more details, refer here and here.