Any day with him is Deepavali

by gjayakrishnan

If Americans and Libyans do celebrate Deepavali, this would be the perfect year for them to rejoice. A festival jubilated with high euphoria for victory over evil, we Indians are still happy with a mythological demon being killed by his own mother. But in reality, our true narakasuras are happy living elsewhere with state protection or well fed by our own guardians at the expense of tax payers money.

So does it matter? ‘No’ should be for the majority (like me). And, all that matters are the 3Ms – mazaa, munch and money. In fact they will catch up with the fable once they skim through the forwarded mails when back at office or a visit to wikipedia so that they don’t feel alienated from the crowd. That said, again this memory is transient and will be revisited the same day, next year.

Happy Deepavali!

Hey hold on.. I am not done yet for the adults here. If there is one thing that comes along with the fun during this time, it’s the word ‘Safety’. When traders bid the whole newspaper with the word ‘SALE’, wherein a simple F5 could end up in an infinite loop crashing the system, there are still space left for the regular news and articles on safety that a very few bothers to glean.

Safety here comes on two aspects – care and control. The first one is for the first M – mazaa. Last year I came across two burn accidents. One is that of my colleague, who got his leg injured while lighting a flower pot. It took some months for him to recover completely. But the sight of the injury was horrific. Flower pots are one of the most dangerous firework. Though it’s not a cracker that bursts, right from my childhood days it’s known to burst accidentally – rarely. My father insisted on not using it and he kept his word by not spending for it. So beware (crackers in general) and take care of your kids as well.

BTW as an alternative, we used to buy the country made ones called satti busvanam – made of small clay pot with combustible chemicals stuffed inside with a lid covered. It has be placed in inverted position and lit on the center of its bum. In fact, the sight of it is far better. The sparkles of the regular ones are broad, too bright and the hues never distinctive. The only delight is the sound of the sparks falling to the ground. On contrary, the sparkles of the clay ones are in white and brown color, thin, striking and goes much higher. A perfect setting to the dark canvas behind. And I haven’t heard any untoward incidents about it. So enjoy it, if you can get it.

The other precautionary safety measure is the control. Chennai being the sugar capital of the world, there is no dearth of advice to act restraint on sugar. But on today’s paper, there was an article about coloring agents and silver foils used to beautify the sweets so as to entice the customers. A few should be aware of the silver foil controversy, but to those who aren’t.. the foil is made of bulls’ intestines. For people like me, okay if it isn’t the larger ones. But vegans, take care. And next time when you’ve been offered a Khaju Roll or Khatli, before munching.. make sure it’s approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration)!

Last and the third control is about swiping the plastic currency wherever you are hopping now. No, I am not good at it. So go on for the splurge and be ready with your bags and boxes for the day you’ve been waiting for.

As usual for me it’s yet another day in Chennai. But my nephew Nandu asked me to be at home on twendy-anju! Was trying hard to find an answer and at last I got it – Any day with him is a Deepavali for me.